How to Select a Good Nightclub for Meeting Women

When selecting a club, you want to select one where most of the women are. To do this, you can try and hit as many clubs as possible and check out the action for yourself or you can ask your friends that frequent the nightclub scene. However, what they consider a great place to meet women may not necessarily be the best place to go. You might also ask the door man upon arriving, what’s the best night for action. Also, while you’re there, inquire if they have a ladies night when ladies drink free or get a discount on their drinks. These specials attract women to clubs like crazy! So, don’t stay home when there’s a ladies night!

When shopping around for a club, don’t make the fatal mistake of judging a club on the basis of one night. Certain nights can just be an off night. This is normal and happens at all clubs.

Don’t waste your time going to a club where there’s mostly men. The more women there are, the chances are greatly increased of you meeting someone.

You may want to select an exclusive membership club if you can afford it. Just make it a point to take an introductory tour. Sometimes it’s free or you pay a cover charge to check it out.

Conventional clubs are just as good, if not better. The majority of people might not be upperclass and rich but this will be to your advantage and I will explain why. An upperclass, high society jet-setter nightclub woman is usually narcissistic and self-centered and if you don’t have money you’re just scum of the earth. There are exceptions to the rule, however.

Your conventional club is your best bet in my opinion. Here you will find a variety of women, the successful and barely-making-it, sales clerks, beautiful women, secretaries, cute women, waitresses, and your average “Plain Jane.”

They all have the same thing in common and that is to get out on that dance floor and shed their inhibitions and most important of all, to meet a guy like yourself.

In conclusion, find a nightclub where the greatest number of women are and that you feel comfortable in and keep going there as often as possible. Make an effort to meet as many people as possible, including other men. After all, guys know women and they can introduce you to their female friends, relatives, and co-workers. By going to this place often, you will become a familiar face and you will be amazed at the number of friends and acquaintances you will make. So get out there and make the rounds and find yourself a good nightclub. Just keep going to this nightclub and see if your social life doesn’t improve dramatically.

Also, I might add, don’t just go to a few nightclubs when selecting a nightclub. Go to all of them so you can make a good comparison as to which ones are the best. Some nightclubs are good only on a particular night. Find out what night that is and make an effort to be there every week.

I know you have heard various comments in books, media, etc. about nightclubs being one of the worst places to look for a relationship or a wife. A lot of my male friends have met real nice women and had satisfying relationships with women they have met in nightclubs.

So, don’t rule out nightclubs as good place to meet women. Try several different methods of meeting women. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and use nightclubs solely for the purpose of meeting the opposite sex.

Some men make the fatal mistake of carrying a negative attitude with them when they go to nightclubs. They think that all the women there are just a bunch of bitches. This attitude can prevent you from meeting someone really nice. There are some really nice women in night¬clubs that will treat you with respect. Also, a lot of women are looking for a special guy to love.

Effective Diet And Routine For Women

A 5 day workout routine for women is great for those looking to lose weight in a timely manner. Working out can at times be trying. It requires persistence and the drive to get out of bed each day to do exercises. For some, this may come easy because they are primed to physical activity. For others, it may be the worst part of their day. There is a routine, however, that is ideal for women looking to lose weight that isn’t too intense and that yields significant results.

5 Day Workout Routine For Women: Legs, Biceps, Back, Triceps, Chest, And Shoulders

In the first day, women should start off by stretching. This can prevent cramps from occurring, which can be a very excruciating experience. The first routine should be leg presses. Women should adjust the weight accordingly and do three sets of eight. After that, they should move on to leg curls. They should do three sets of eight as well. Standing calf raises will be the next exercise and it doesn’t require a machine. Three sets of fifty will suffice for calf raises.


Biceps will be the next focus in day one. Bicep curls with a bar should be done. Bicep curls with a dumbbell should then be executed and should be done one arm at a time. Day one of the 5 day workout routine for women will finish off with 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. This keeps the heart rate up and allows woman to burn off excess fat. Something like running or jogging would be ideal for cardiovascular activity.


Day two will start off with a cardiovascular activity and will focus on the chest and shoulders. These two muscle groups should always be paired together because they yield the best results in terms of getting toner. The workout routine will consist of overhead press, dumbbell pull overs, incline bench press, pec flies, incline bench, and side dumbbell raises.


Day three will also start out with a cardiovascular activity. The area of focus in these routines will be on back and triceps. Day three of the 5 day workout routine for women will involve cable rows, seated dips, dumbbell rows, tricep pull downs with a rope, and tricep kickbacks with a bar. Women should do three sets of ten for each of the exercises in order to maximize the routine.


Day four will cover the legs and biceps. Women should warm up before these routines because, again, it will prevent from any muscle strains from occurring. Day four will consist of lunges, chin-ups, seated calf raises, preacher curls, and straight dead lifts. Each of the routines should be done in three sets of ten in order to maximize results. Women should then do a cardiovascular exercise for 20 minutes.


Day five will focus on chest, shoulders, and triceps. Women should start the routine off by doing 20 minutes of running or jogging. The routine will consist of tricep kick-backs, overhead press, decline bench press, dumbbell raises, and overhead dumbbell extensions. Women should end the routine by doing another 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity. The 5 day workout routine for women needs to be followed exactly to the letter in order to yield the best results. Women should go every day and should make time in their schedule if they are serious about losing weight.

Effective Dieting Tips

The 5 day workout routine for women should also be followed with a strict diet. Being active in the gym will not be enough. Having a healthy diet also needs to be in place because it decreases fat on women. Eggs are imperative in any diet coupled with a 5 day workout routine for women because they are full of protein. This allows women to get lean and firm, which is what many women want these days. Eggs also prevent spikes in blood sugar, which can then prevent food cravings.

This is why so many women gain weight. They crave unhealthy foods and think they can just workout later in order to burn off the extra calories. Another food item that is ideal in losing weight are beans. Beans also work to lower the blood sugar and they are rich with vitamins. Green tea has also been found to be very healthy on the body. Green tea is a form of caffeine that helps speed up the metabolism, which ideal for fat burning. Green tea has also been found to lower cholesterol. Pears are also great because they have a lot of fiber, and will fill people up fast. They will be less hungry, which can cut down on fatty and sugary food. In order for the 5 day workout routine for women to be successful, it has to be taken seriously; women should be completely committed if they expect to lose pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.

What Society Would Look Like If Women and Men Were Equal

In college in the 1980s I remember feminism as a word so confusing and controversial, I dared not speak of it. Over the years, as I lived, worked and travelled, the concept of feminism came into focus.

But how is it defined? I looked it up in Websters the other day and found feminism defined as “the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” I’m not sure why that is so controversial in hindsight.

That definition got me thinking, what would society look like if the word “theory” was taken out of the definition and women had perfect equality.

I talked to a number of women and all agreed that if women had half the power, things would be quite a bit different.

If half of Congress were women, many agreed that life would be better for women and children. “The school day just might match the work day and health care would cover contraception and Viagra,” said Christine Bronstein, founder of the women’s social network A Band of Wives and author of the newly released book “Nothing But the Truth So Help Me God”

(The significance of women holding at least half of all seats was detailed in this New York Times op-ed last week. The authors outline recent research they conducted which concluded: “female lawmakers significantly reshape policies only when they have true parity with men.” So while the electoral gains by women in the polls last week is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go.)

In an equal world, with half of all Fortune 500 CEOs being women, instead of 3 percent today, women would earn the same as their male counterparts. Bronstein told The Story Exchange she believes having more women in charge would lead to higher rates of employee retention and paid family leave at companies.

Ad for Valentino, Courtesy of Business Insider With women earning equal pay, the average incomes would rise and the number of families in poverty would fall. The GDP in the US would grow by an 9%, according to UN estimates, so we would all be enjoying a better economy, and the U.S. would have a lower rate of public assistance.

And with more power, the status of women would be elevated and for one, we wouldn’t be exposed to the same number of degrading ads. “You would not open a magazine to the Valentino ad shown here because woman would make up 50 percent of the advertising world’s creative directors instead of the current 3 percent,” Bronstein said.

And many agree we would have fewer wars. “Women send children into wars with a much greater sense of grief than men do,” said Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media and CEO of the National Association for Female Executives.

At the same time, some things would stay the same. “Women still have to fire people, they have to make hard decisions and they have to pass laws. But women would do these things by working together with a longer term view and an eye to the future.” Evans said.

She said part of this is because women focus more on what life will be like for future generations, including their children and grandchildren. That longer-term thinking would mean a focus on preventative measures in healthcare today, she adds.

Nancy Hopkins, a molecular biologist and geneticist at MIT, says she believes that the heavily male dominated field of science would change if the female stereotypic behavior of caring and helping were embraced. For example, this would lead to more focus on preventative healthcare.

Hopkins, who has taught university students for close to 40 years, says she’s never seen any differences in how women and men think about science when they are doing science – for example when designing experiments, interpreting data, discussing science, or generating ideas for new experiments.

However, the stereotypes of acceptable and ideal behaviors for men and women are wildly different, she says. “I believe that science – and the world – will look very different when the female stereotypic behavior has equal status and power to that of men.”

Hopkins says she realized this recently while studying the causes for the underfunding of cancer prevention research. Over the last 30 years there has been spectacular progress in the development of new drugs that are improving treatment and extending life span for cancer patients. At the same time, Hopkins says, epidemiologists believe that 70 percent of cancer deaths are preventable and at least 50 percent could be prevented by applying knowledge that is entirely available today.

Despite this knowledge, the amount of funding that goes to prevention research is a small fraction of what goes to developing treatments for advanced cancers. Currently Hopkins is on sabbatical trying to find out why. She hasn’t found the answer yet, but recounts an emerging theme, illustrated recently by a man – a scientist turned venture capitalist – that she met at a cocktail party.

He asked me what research I was interested in. “Cancer prevention”, I replied. Appearing to recoil, he almost shouted, “You can’t make any money that way.” Try to imagine a woman saying that. The stereotypical female would not really be allowed to say such a thing or ultimately perhaps, even to think such a thing. That stereotype is a person who is obliged to see that prevention is applied to as many people as possible as rapidly as possible to save as many lives as possible while we also continue to push for curing cancer.

For Hopkins, it’s when the male and female stereotypes fuse to make a new ideal that we will have a fantastic world. “The ideal will be a combination of the driving, bold, risk-taking world of the “stereotypical male” and the caring, lift-all-boats, kind and generous world of the “stereotypical female.”

I personally believe we are on our way, but it’s a good thing women are long-term thinkers, because it’s going to take a while until feminism is no longer a theory, but a reality for the betterment of all.